Hot men Landon Myles and Jimmy Fanz

Drill My Hole’ has the privilege of being able to show the hardcore competition for the next exclusive star for MEn is on. The heat is on and so many hunky and horny men are clamouring to be this year’s new top man for this award winning gay porn site MEN. We start off with two good looking experienced men known who are already in high demand around the world in the gay porn industry. Landon Mycles and Jimmy Fanz have the hard job of starting it all off, remember, each man wants this highly sought position, so which means we are in for a real treat with everyman doing his very best.
Landon Mycles
Landon Myles and Jimmy Fanz sit on the couch explaining why they want this exclusive position and then it’s straight into the action as they start kissing. These two men are more than ready for it, and more than ready to turn the other one on. They take vests off first revealing their well-toned hairy bodies and carry on kissing. Then their pants come off and Jimmy Fanz slides down and gets between Landon Mycles thighs and begins sucking on his hard dick. He makes Landon growl with pleasure as he massages his ball sack and deep throats his cock at the same time as he lays there on Jimmy’s lap with his legs either side of him looking into Jimmy’s face as he sucks on his cock.

Landon then gets on the ground and lies there with his ass high up in the air and his knees almost touching his shoulders. Jimmy bends over and stretches his tight asshole open by using his fingers and we see a close up shot of how pink and bright his asshole actually is. Jimmy then licks his rim all around which makes Landon howl out again with excitement. Jimmy then licks and sucks on Landon’s heavy ball sack and then goes back to exciting his asshole by spitting in it and poking his tongue further into his crack.

Jimmy then sits back on the couch and Landon sits on his cock with his back towards his face and bounces up and down on his cock. Both men cry out with ecstasy as Landon’s cock clamps down tightly around Jimmy’s invading cock as he slowly fucks him.

Jimmy lies back on the couch and lets Landon have fun with his body as he sucks on his pulsating cock. Jimmy strokes on his cock for a while as Landon licks his ball sack and then back to giving him a great blowjob.

Landon then bends over and Jimmy fucks his asshole doggy style on the couch where they both moan and groan with great pleasure as he fucks him harder and harder like a jack rabbit. Landon Mycles gets on his back, his legs spread open as Jimmy Fanz drills his six inch cock into him in the missionary position until his balls can’t take it anymore and his cock erupts with a thick blast of boiling hot cum streaming over his hairy body. Jimmy jerks on his own cock and sprays Landon’s sweating and panting body with his sticky hot spunk.

The gay stars of this movie

Jimmy Fanz has starred in thirty hardcore flicks for Men since starting in May 2012 with Tyr Alexander in ‘Fraternization’ which over 35,000 cock thumping men have seen and shot their load over. He is still quite cute and has hair all over his athletic body. He is a versatile bottom with a six inch cut dick, he is a Virgo and has brown hair and pussy dog brown eyes. Jimmy is five feet eleven inches tall and weighs 175 pounds.

Landon Mycles is a six foot hunk with short cropped blonde hair and blue eyes, a fantasy waiting to happen. He is a versatile bottom with a six inch cut dick and weighs 210 pounds. Landon has only starred in two flicks with Men but has been in the business for over five years with various different companies. His only other flick with Drill My Holeis ‘Lustful’ where he fucks the tight asshole of Brenner Bolton. Follow him here