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Spiteful Ex is the latest hardcore gay porn movie by and was released by Drill my Hole on June 4th, 2017. This hot and horny vid stars two amazing Gay Pornstars with big dicks, Cliff Jensen and Wesley Woods.

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gay porn star cliff jensenCliff Jensen is one hell of a horny guy with a slightly hairy body and has a load of wonderful tattoos on his muscular body. He is six feet three inches tall, has brown hair, amazing green eyes, and he is a top with a juicy thick cut eight-inch dick and a pair of low hanging balls that love to be gently squeezed.
Cliff has starred in 23 hardcore gay porn vids for so far, and he was the main guy in the ‘Polyamor-Ass’ series where he had great sex with Vadim Black, Will Braun and Griffin Barrows.
Wesley Woods is a cute young guy with black hair and a great body with a few colourful tattoos. He is a six-foot hunk with black hair, a designer beard, sexy brown eyes, and he is a hungry power bottom with a seven-inch cut dick.
Wesley has been in 23 vids for, and in his last hot and horny gay porn vid, he gets his ass well fucked by Jake Ashford and Paul Canon in ‘Heartbreakers part 3.’

This gay porn movie has it all

Wesley Woods is sitting on his couch in shock. His boyfriend is sat next to him, telling him that they are finished. Wesley tries everything to get him back, but his boyfriend tells him once again that they are finished. He tells him he will come back another day and pick up his things as he leaves Wesley to his own company.
A few days later, when his now ex-boyfriend is ready to come around, there is a knock at the door, and it is Cliff Jensen, who is an escort that Wesley has got in contact with. Cliff takes his top of, and as he goes to get his juicy thick dick out of his pants, Wesley stops him and tells him not yet.

When his boyfriend comes in, Wesley makes a big thing about Cliff and tells his ex that Cliff is his new boyfriend. Wesley is trying his hardest to make his ex jealous, but as Wesley shouts out loud how big Cliff’s dick is, his ex doesn’t seem interested as he starts packing up his things.
To make him even more jealous, he gets his thick dick out of his pants and makes lots of erotic noises as Cliff gets between his legs and begins sucking on it.
Wesley doesn’t stop speaking dirty the whole time, and every now and then he looks over at his ex, but he stays uninterested. Cliff and Wesley take it in turns sucking on their hard dicks, and then he says even loader.
‘I want this big fucking dick up my ass.’
He gets up off the couch, and with Cliff still sitting down, Wesley lowers his ass down inch by inch onto Cliff’s eight-inch slab of meat until he can feel those big balls tapping at his stuffed hole.
As Wesley still tries to make his ex jealous by shouting out how big that dick is. He then starts yelling out for real as Cliff Jensen carries on fucking his tight hole hard and fast, and in different erotic positions. Cliff strokes his cock, and his cum dribbles down his stiff dick and onto his big bouncing balls. Wesley Woods then shoots his own thick creamy cum over his tight stomach and squeezes his balls to get the last drop out.
His trick hasn’t worked, and his ex walks out of the house never to return, and Cliff then tells him that he owes him for and extra hour.
Spiteful Ex is a fantasy that I expect lots of guys have either tried, or want to try on their ex boyfriends. Either way, this is one hell of a gay porn scene where Wesley gets his ass banged hard and fast by a big powerful thick cock. Although he starts off pretending, he can’t help loving the fact that that Cliff’s dick is almost ripping his ass apart, and he is loving every minute of it.
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